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Ok, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. I LOVE 80s music! I can watch VH1’s ‘I Love the 80s’ all day, because it’s so nostalgic for me. One of my faves is the old Cyndi Lauper song called ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Even if you don’t like 80s music, chances are you remember the song. That song was so big, it became an anthem. It resonated with people because it was a simple truth, we really do want to have fun.

I find it quite interesting that people believe you can’t have fun as a Christian. As if the day you decided to follow Christ, you took an oath that said, “From this day forward, I give up my right to have fun. I will be boring, read the Bible at all times and never smile again.” Get real, that is so ridiculous!

Now make no mistake about it, there are some things that you give up when you decide to truly live for Christ so your fun now has some boundaries. But fun times are still to be had by all. Of course conversations with my friends sometimes surround the topic of the goodness of Jesus, but not always. We just laugh uncontrollably and have clean wholesome, fun (yes, it’s possible).

So since it’s not a sin to have fun, here are some suggestions for a few fun activities that my friends and I often enjoy. Being single I recognize that there may be times when you are not in the company of friends so I have included two lists below. One with activities you can enjoy alone and another with activities you can enjoy with a group.

Solo Activities:

For a long time I would not go places by myself. After missing out on many activities, I soon shed that fear. I still invite my friends, but if no one is able or wants to come along I no longer stay home and sulk.

  • Grab a Matinee (movie or a show) – a matinee is great because it’s cheaper and you won’t encounter a lot of lovey dovey couples
  • Play Wii – if you haven’t tried this gameyet, let me warn you it is addictive!
  • Have a praise party – put on some praise music and sing for an audience of ONE (also a great opportunity to get some cleaning done)
  • Enroll in an exercise class – join a gym or your local recreation center likely has a few classes to choose from and it provides a great opportunity to develop or maintain your healthy living exercise routine
  • Pamper yourself – give yourself a manicure and pedicure, then draw a bubble bath and relax… it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!
  • Get a hobby – participate in something that brings you joy. Whether it’s arts & crafts, playing the violin, teaching cheerleading, whatever! Just do something that allows you to be uniquely you
  • Explore social media – find new friends on Facebook or Twitter(hint hint) or discover a new ning site based on your interests. This is not just the ‘thing’ to do, it’s also fun.
  • Read a book – there’s a novel idea, enlighten yourself! When I was younger I hated reading, maybe because ‘Go read a book’ was one of my mom’s favorite statements, but now I can rarely be found without a book in my possession. A good book can be quite entertaining (and educational). Here are a few of my recommendations.
  • Learn a foreign language – I admire people who can speak multiple languages, it’s fascinating. I learned both Spanish and Chinese, but I will warn you…use it or lose it! I rarely practiced speaking these languages so I’ve forgotten most of what I learned.
  • Sudoku – just had to add this one because I’m hopelessly addicted! Download it to your phone to ease a stressful situation when you’re delayed somewhere.

Group Activities:

      • Karaoke party – typically I am a pretty shy person, but once the music starts I let loose and have fun. I figure I will never see these people again, so why be embarrassed. Also consider hosting a karaoke party at home and revive those childhood memories -throw an 80s, Michael Jackson or even a Christian music karaoke party with a few friends…fun, fun, fun!

If you haven’t already, check out the Karaoke Channel online to

sing, record and share your favorite songs online.

  • Bowling – bowling is more fun with a group, so grab a few friends and throw a few gutter balls
  • Miniature Golf – bring out the kid in you and try for a hole in one in the clown’s mouth (also a fun date activity)
  • Skating – nostalgic, old school fun…enough said (but don’t hurt yourself)!
  • Spa day – raining outside? Then grab a few friends and head inside to the spa to be pampered…shhh, not too loud people are relaxing!
  • Volunteer – organize or participate in an outreach project to a local homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter or nursing home, I promise you it will be a rewarding experience
  • Road trip (to the outlet mall) – most of us live about an hour of a good outlet mall, swing by and pick up your friends for a fun day out (be sure to stick to your budget)
  • Concert, comedy show or sporting event – Go checkout your favorite artist, band or team!
  • Girls Nite Out – Dinner with friends is always fun. Just about every time my girlfriends and I go out to dinner we end up closing down the restaurant, then we stay in the parking lot and talk for another hour (just can’t get enough girl talk). But don’t limit yourself. Try something new. We once went to an art studio and made/painted…hmmm ‘unidentifiable objects’ (I think mine was an candy dish) – though skeptical at first, I must admit it turned out to be a lot of fun
  • A Nite In with Friends – select a theme like movie or game night and invite a few friends over for an evening of fun. Also a great opportunity to include a few guys.
  • Cookie party – a friend suggested this as a Christmas activity one year and it turned out to be fun. Each person bakes a dozen of their favorite cookies and brings them to the party so everyone can sample them. Prizes are given for the best cookie, recipes are swapped and many cookies are eaten. (a splurge now and then is ok, but don’t overdo it, be sure to review my eating tips for healthy living)
  • Host a Wii Party – the options are endless, so select an interactive game, invite some friends over and let the fun begin!

So yes, it’s true…girls just wanna have fun and there are a myriad of ways to do so. Be creative and identify some things you can do to enjoy life more. Get out there and have some fun!

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