Just want insecure woman an dating feel like awesome!

Why are beautiful women so insecure? This is what I asked myself after finally breaking it off with a French woman that I had met on an exchange program. To anyone else that saw her, they saw a beautiful young woman that looked like she was filled with joy and confidence but I knew the truth and if they knew her they would too.

As I walked away from her place, I took a trip down memory lane, thinking about some of the most insecure women I’ve dated.

As I thought more and more about it some of the most insecure women I dated were the most beautiful.

I came to the conclusion that there definitely was a correlation between beauty and insecurity in my experience.

But shouldn’t a beautiful woman be filled with joy to have hit the gene pool lottery? Why would a beautiful woman have such insecurity issues?


We live in a world that most people are focused on the outer appearance. The house you live in, the car you drive and especially the way you look. Billboards show models, TV shows have people that are 10’s, and even the books kids read have characters that are attractive.

This creates an image in people’s mind of what they should look like according to society and thus that creates insecurity in everyone.

This insecurity drives numerous people to purchase items they don’t need to in attempt try to reach a goal that cannot be reached.

Though most people on some level feel insecure, it is especially strong in beautiful women. Whys that?


To a beautiful women living in today’s society, beauty becomes her identity. From a young age she is told how beautiful she is, and she loves the feeling of the compliments.

As she gets older men constantly stare at her, compliment her, purchase her gifts and put her on a pedestal.

Her looks get her out of trouble, gets her free goodies and can help her progress faster that a less attractive woman.

It comes as no shock that studies have shown the looks plays a large role in preferentially treatment.

So since we live in a society that places emphasis on looks and beautiful women are constantly being identified and rewarded for their looks, it is understandable that some of them will associate a large part of their personal identity with their looks.

With a large part of her identity linked to her looks she becomes especially insecure. Any blemish is magnified because it makes her feel as if her beauty is fading and thus the power and identity she received from it.

It is as if she is losing a part of who she thinks she is.

That fear of loss causes her to constantly seeking validation from others, one of the biggest signs of neediness and insecurity and of course answering the main reason why are beautiful women so insecure.

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