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Is the plumbing in your North Castle, NY home or business plagued by drips or leaks? Do your sinks or toilets frequently back up? If so, contact the capable and courteous professionals at Saludainn Services of North Castle, NY. Our licensed team of plumbers unclogs drains, sinks and toilets quickly and easily with efficient, cost-effective solutions that won't take you for a bath.

North Castle, NY Plumbing Services

Available 24 hours a day for those emergencies that just won't wait, the North Castle, NY certified plumbers of Saludainn Services can quickly diagnose and repair virtually any plumbing problem confronting your home. We know your time is valuable so we arrive at our appointments on schedule and ready to work. Our uniformed plumbers are fully licensed, bonded and certified, and equipped with most modern tools and highest quality parts to resolve your plumbing problems quickly and permanently. From drain cleanings to full-blown plumbing inspections, our team covers it all.

Residential services we provide include:

• Clearing sewer system backups
• Cleaning drains
• Unclogging drains
• Repair and replacement of water and sewer lines
• Well pump installation, service and repair
• Leaking pipes
• Plumbing system maintenance
• Sink and toilet repair and replacement
• and much more

New York Drain Cleaning

Do you detect the foul odor of sewer gas emanating from your drains? Do your sinks or tubs drain so slowly that water backs up? Do you have to flush the toilet more than once? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have a clogged drain. Clogged drains are partial or full blocks in your pipes caused by grease, hair, soap, food or any combination of organic materials and foreign objects. We clean:

Bathroom Drains —the drains of sinks, showers, tubs and toilets can be blocked by anything from toilet paper to toothpaste. The experienced plumbers of North Castle, NY Saludainn Services use the latest equipment and tools to overcome the most stubborn bathroom drain clogs.

Kitchen Drains —detergents, fats, grease and soaps are the main culprits behind most kitchen drain clogs. Trust our plumbers to remove this buildup from the inner walls of pipes and free the blockage.

Laundry and Utility Room Drains —often found in these locations—as well as in garages, bathrooms and driveways—are floor drains equipped with traps filled with water to keep odors inside pipes and away from sensitive noses. Waste and refuse can easily block these ducts but you can depend on the professional plumbers of Saludainn Services to restore free egress of these drains by the use of specialized augers.

Downspout Drains —routes rainwater away from the home's roof gutters and often drains to North Castle, NY storm sewers. They frequently become clogged with leaves, small branches and other detritus, backing up water that can flood a home or outlying buildings in a heavy storm. Our skilled plumbers can clean these drains and their connecting pipes so they flow freely again.

If any of these drains at your home are clogged, contact us today so we may restore your drainage systems to their original capacity. There's nothing as sweet as the sound of water cascading down an open drain!

Water Heater Repair In North Castle, NY

We often take hot water for granted but if you've ever had to take a cold shower because your water heater didn't work properly then you'll certainly appreciate the convenience. What's more, hot water kills germs and sterilizes dining utensils and cookware. So it's a health hazard not to have hot water if you wash dishes at home. Our North Castle, NY plumbers are trained to troubleshoot the various problems that can occur with a balkywater heater like malfunctioning thermostats or voltage issues. If your water just won't get warm no matter how long you run the tap, contact Saludainn Services of North Castle, NY to service or replace your water heater. Sometimes there's nothing more civilized than a warm, relaxing bath or shower.

Commercial North Castle, NY Plumbing Services

If you've ever had to shut down your business because of a broken water main or other catastrophic plumbing problem, you know how costly it can be. The skilled plumbing technicians of North Castle, New York Saludainn Services are at the ready to solve any and all of your business plumbing problems, no matter how large or small. Whether it's a simple matter of a dripping faucet to a sewer line break, we're here to help—and fast! We also provide commercial maintenance services to keep plumbing problems at bay. Simply set up a periodic service schedule with us for our plumbing team to keep drains clean and pipes clear. As it's said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You'll be glad you did.

We offer the following commercial services:

• Drain Services—grease trap, sink, sewer drain, storm drain, toilet drain, sewer line, pipe breaks and repairs, excavation and much more.
• Plumbing Services—water heaters, toilet plumbing, disposal services, sump pumps, faucets, backflow services, water leaks and much more.
• Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Finding The Leak With Technology

Saludainn Services of North Castle, NY uses the latest advanced technology to search for hard-to-find leaks that run up utility bills and cause water damage to your home or business. Our trained and certified North Castle, New York plumbers deploy tiny cameras into pipes and drains to discover the source of that pesky leak or clog that has previously eluded discovery. Based on the data collected from a video inspection, we can recommend either localized pipe/drain repair or replacement or a complete pipe retrofit, depending on severity. This technology can detect virtually any leak or clog quickly and easily without the need to excavate. Should your North Castle, NY home or commercial building suffer from a persistent water leak that resists detection, contact us so that we can conduct a comprehensive video survey of your pipes and drains to find the culprit.