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Here is a list of songs about sisters. There are songs to express the sadness of missing a sister. There are songs about asking forgiveness from a sister. There are also fun songs describing the special sisterly bond, as well as songs about not messing with one’s little sister and treating her right.

  1. Dark Cabaret – Antony & the Johnsons – You Are My Sister
    With the voice of an angel, the singer recalls memories of his sister, and how she was there when he was scared of the dark. The singer also states his love for his sister and wishes her the best.
  2. Rock – The Nixons – Sister
    This is a deeply touching song about missing your very special sister and seeing her live on one’s memories.
  3. Alternative Folk – Michelle Shocked – My Little Sister
    This song serves a warning to not mess with one’s little sister.
  4. Surf Rock – Beach Boys – Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
    This classic Beach Boys song can be interpreted as a conversation between two male friends. One of them is interested in the other one’s little sister. The older brother is saying that his little sister does like his friend. However, he had better treat her right.
  5. Pop – Britney Spears – Little Me (For My Sister)
    This is a song about attempting to make amends and ask for forgiveness from a little sister. You miss the times she used to look up at you and you wonder how you’ve grown apart.
  6. Hard Rock – New Medicine – Little Sister
    This is a touching, sad song describing feelings associated with losing a little sister that you love so dearly. In this song, the artist seems to compare his little sister to an angel, asking if her wings fit good and if she can fly.
  7. Pop – Sister2Sister – Sister
    This song celebrates the special love between sisters. Sometimes sisters will get on your nerves, borrowing clothes and never giving them back, hogging bathrooms, and just generally being annoying. But a sister also watches over you, knows you really well and loves you like family.
  8. Rock – Dave Matthews Band – Sister
    This exceptionally beautiful song is filled with poetic lyrics about a special sister. These are lyrics such as “Sister when I hear you laugh, my heart fills full up”.
  9. Pop – Bette Midler – Sisters
    This is another upbeat (and somewhat comical) song about the love between two sisters. “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister! And Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man!”
  10. Pop Rock – Train – Hey Soul Sister
    After carefully listening to the lyrics it is pretty obvious this song is not really about an actual sister. If it is, then the relationship described may be a little disturbing to most. One interpretation could be that a soul sister refers to a soul mate, or a best friend. Therefore, the song describes the reasons why the singer is in love with his soul mate (who is obviously a girl).

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