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Q.  What are the current projects that you are working on?

A.  As of right now we just got back to starting “Instant Star” again, we started back like three weeks ago.  So, I’m just back to starting “Instant Star.”

Q.  Can you tell us about the premise for “Instant Star” and about your character?

A.  The premise is about a coming of age story about a girl who wins a singing contest.  She’s a singer/songwriter and she tries to get famous and it’s about the trials and tribulations of a girl who is living with fame.  My character is Tom Quincy, a.k.a Tommy Q, and he is also a product of the music industry, he’s also an ex-boy band superstar so he’s kind of been through what Jude’s going through now.  He’s also producing Jude’s new record!

Q.  What made you want to be a part of this show?

A.  Alexz Johnson, when I read the script and stuff the scripts are great and the writing is great.  Then I thought about Alexz Johnson and she writes the songs and the first time I heard her sing, I said, “man I have to be a part of this, this is really real and something really good.”  That was it for me.

Q.  “Instant Star” is getting ready for season 2 in Canada, but it’s just beginning in the United States.  What is it about the show that you think has hooked Canadian viewers?

A.  I think it’s the storylines and definitely the music, it’s hip and edgy and real.  It’s different from a lot of things on TV and then plus Alexz is really singing, she’s really a rock star, she’s just a girl playing a rock star, she is a rock star playing a rock star!

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from season 1 of “Instant Star”?

A.  Oh it would be any time they put me in some sort of vehicle!  Like driving a dodge viper or a hummer, I pretty much crashed everything, not badly or anything.  They keep putting me in these fancy cars and I’m the last guy who you want in a fancy car.

Q.  Why should American viewers take the time to check out “Instant Star”?

A.  Because it would be worth their while, and I think that they would have a good time.  If they see it a couple of times they will be hooked, and they’ll become Alexz Johnson fans like I am!

Q.  Since the show is about music, what is in your player at the moment?

A.  My CD player, that’s awful, do you know why?  I bought White Snake today, I don’t know why but I guess it’s because I haven’t heard that rock music in forever.  Normally it’s like Jack Johnson or Damien Rice I like a lot, now I’m going old school.  I’ve got my Guns N Roses CDs going on, and White Snake, I don’t know why.

Q.  What is it about Jude’s character that draws Tommy to her?

A.  He sees a lot of what she’s going through in his former self, it’s like a protector role that he has for her.  He’s been there, he doesn’t want her to go through some of the same things he’s been through.  He kind of likes her a bit too and I think it’s a protective role in Tommy’s mind.

Q.  Is there a summer movie that you’re really interested in checking out?

A.  I think I am going to see Batman Begins because I’m the last person in the world who hasn’t seen it yet!

Q.  What would you like to say to fans and supporters of your career?

A.  Just thank you so much for watching, I actually feel like I’m closer to being one of them then being a part of the cast.  I’m not lying to you, I’m an Alexz Johnson fan, so I’m kind of like one of them.  I just go along with the ride too, she kind of takes us on a ride and I’m along for the ride.  It’s really great to have the support!

Tim Rozon