Consolidating duplicate fonts acrobat second

We publish B2B magazines. We process our own files in InDesign, and create hi-res PDF's for the printer. I have 5 designers/workstations (G5 Macs). All generate PDF's. The problem: We get boxes with X's in them in some areas of the PDF, and it is exclusively Garamond Premier Pro (OTF), ITALICS that becomes funky. Not always, not all instances, but randomly within the document. It seems to be related to that font (I am guessing), as the other designers, using different typefaces DON'T experience the same thing when creating theif issue's PDF's.

We generate PDF's of the spreads/pages, then we pull them together as one big PDF of the entire issue to send to the printer. A tall-tell sign is the copy at the bottom of the page (the file name, and date) that is generated on each PDF, has characters missing. You know then that somewhere there will be boxes with X's in them.

We've deleted and replaced the font with the original on CD. That didn't work. I thought maybe it was just one machine, but when we use other Macs, same thing happens. I've spoken to my printer tech specialist, and he says that he thinks it's an Adobe software problem (this guy has written code and worked on Adobe software for them). He has spoken to them about it, but they seem to want to deny that there is any problem.

It get's weirder! So I take the entire PDF file we created. I noted that roughly 6 pages had boxes with X's in them (and the copy at the bottom of the page is missing characters). I recreated those pages that were funky. I began to delete and insert the new "fixed" pages in the big PDF file. I replace about the 3rd one, and whoosh... it's like suddenly the font (subset?) is now recognized, and the remaining pages that needed to be fixed, are now okay... and the copy at the bottom of each page is now all there. The characters all appear.

GETS EVEN WEIRDER!! So, we send that file to the printer. Their proof comes back, everything appears to be fine. I open up the original file we sent them, and WHOA... now the pages that had problems originally, now have boxes with "X"'s in them, and the copy at the bottom of the page has a lot of characters missing!!!! I did nothing to the file, simply opened it. Plus, when I opened up the very first original file, the one that I started to correct, it now seems fine. NO "x-boxes" NO copy missing at the bottom of the page.

Very FREAKY!! Anybody out there have any suggesstions? Keep in mind, when distilled, we indicate to "Embed all fonts", so the fonts should be there. In Adobe Pro 7.0, I can see the font list, and the font in question is there, but there still is a problem with the x-boxes, etc. I wish there was a way for Adobe to have a choice to "activate all fonts"? As it seems to me as though, for some odd reason, it doesn't want to recognize the font, and in particular the italics, (though not in all instances, which is strange). If we send the file with the problem, we've actually gone to press with type dropping off, but more importantly, the x-boxes printing. A real problem! So we are having to pay extra close attention to the files, and proofs, which is taking up a lot of time.

Anybody experiencing something similar? Any possible solutions? I'm thinking it must be that font, since it doesn't appear to happen any other time, as least not yet!