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Hot Tip: Sometimes has unadvertised specials listed on their site. From time to time I have seen special promo codes listed there.

Or if you are looking for the 7 day free trial, click the link below: 7 day free trial is one of the oldest premier online dating sites and has millions of active members. You may have seen their recent advertisements on t.v. prides itself on giving members as well as non-members the ability to actively browse their huge database of available singles. You can chose what criteria you are looking for and their powerful search engine will do the rest. is the only online dating site that allows for a keyword search. This way, if you are looking for someone who is into…knitting sock puppets… as much as you are….and assuming they are on, you will be instantly connected with them. I find this to be a highly effective way of matchmaking for singles. Recent studies have suggested that couples that have a lot in common are more likely than not to get into, and remain in, a long-term relationship.

Recently has partnered up with good ol’ Dr. Phil (from Oprah fame) to bring you MindFindBind. This program allows you to take your online dating experience to the next level by walking you step by step through Dr. Phil’s patented relationship courses. Dr. Phil has a “get real” approach to dating methodology which suggests that common sense plays an important factor in dealing with every day life issues. I couldn’t agree more.

One of the other things I like about is how you are able to “wink” at someone. This is a really cute way of flirting online, without having to rack your brain in order to try and write a funny email or a 10 page novel about yourself. It keeps things “light and breezy” so there is no pressure either way. has authored what I think to be one of the greatest self-help dating tips out there:

4 simple steps to meeting someone

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Here is a 20% off link that works. 20% off promotional codes are hard to come by. Your best chance of find a decent promo code to is to goto the main page and see what special offers the are having at the current moment. Most of’s promos come from their 7 day free trial. If you use it wisely, you can sign up for the 7 day free trial and meet someone, then cancel the sub. A great trick is to sign up, then send a bunch of people your email address (create a fake one, but make sure you can check it). Tell them that “this is my last week on, so if you want to continue talking, email me back at …..”. You would be surprised at how many times this actually works. Of course do not give them your real email address. has recently revamped their site and added several new and exciting features to it. These features will now allow you to quickly search for the singles on that are most compatible with you. As always, they are offering the 7 day free trial which will allow you to use all of the features without having to pay a single cent. Some people have reported that while using the 7 day free trial they have had success in meeting that special someone before the subscription to turns into a full membership. This is great news for anyone signing up for the 7 day free trial !
Hot tip: offers 2 free trials. A 3 day free trial and a 7 day free trial. In order to join, simply click the link and create a free profile on If you have never created an online dating profile before, please refer to my post about how to create the perfect online dating profile. After you are done, enjoy your free trial to !