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I'm looking for a man aged between 25 to 52
I'm a 21 years old single mother to my son who's three years old. I'm a full-time mother and dad and that i love every minute from it. I'm attending SOSU and focusing on a security degree, yes a security degree, women can perform men work every bit as good as they possibly can!! [SMILE] Sometimes for an organization known as PRC, I'm a DirecTv agent and that i love my job (somedays). Sometimes very difficult for that a few things i have during my existence. I had been trained becoming an adult that if you cannot pay for this you do not need it. I live by myself with my son. I drive an 06 car chevrolet truck, and that i like it!!! Household is the main factor during my existence, I'm not far from my mother, whether it wasn't on her I would not be where I'm today or perhaps be who I'm today!!! I'm origianlly from Texas and do aspire to settle back to my roots whenever I graduate. I've been told I've got a Texan accent and that i haven't heard not just one about this!! [SMILE] I've around annually left of faculty, then when I graduate I intend on looking for a job within the Oil Area Industry. I actually do wish to move to Texas, settle out in the united states, and finally develop a house. I set high standards personally and that i try my better to meet individuals standards. I'm searching for a industrious, honest, loving, caring, loyal guy. I'm not going a son. I've made much more of my existence at 21 then many people is ever going to online sex chat sites without registration within their lifetime. I do not do drama or any ex drama, like I stated earlier I am mother and dad and that i don't have to wreck havoc on my son's father and that is my choice. Sometimes very difficult to offer my boy. I'm prepared to settle and proceed with my existence. Well I believe I've stated enough to date so if you wish to know other things just request!!!! [SMILE] [BR] [BR]I'm not someone to message you initially, so proceed say hi!!! [SMILE] [BR][BR]I'm not having to pay with this so that online sex chat sites without registration can write with picture [BR]cchilders******** *******
I'm looking for a man aged between 21 to 54
Hey how you doing? [SMILE] [BR][BR]Im a pretty easy going person who likes doing active things, whether thats sports, travelling or just going for a wander somewhere new! I do also enjoy duvet days with a good film and nice online sex chat sites without registration a pretty decent cook and love cooking for others- so far i havent given anyone food poisoning!!![BR][BR]I have a pretty broad taste in music and will listen to almost anything...[BR][BR]I like spending time with honest people who are open to having a laugh and trying new people that make me smile and that have manners![BR]A few other likes include Maltesers, Sandy beaches, sunrise, awful rom-coms, laughing, good white online sex chat sites without registration my duvet, hights, strawberries, ice skating- i could go on!![BR]However i dislike cheats, liars, people who dont say thank raw tomatoes, whisky, the smell of cat food and bad fitting shoes![BR][BR]feel free to drop me a line- preferably not a cheesy one though [SMILE] And if you can't manage more than 'hi' or 'how r u?' then please save your efforts for someone more worthy of your adoration!
I'm looking for a man aged between 25 to 33
I'm bu iGo by janet. i am 18 going to be 19 inside a couple of several weeks. i am attending college at kilgore college the following month, is going to be specialising in psychology. iLove moosic,reading through,poetry,drawing,meeting new people,and laughing. I am not quite searching for online sex chat sites without registration serious...iJus got from online sex chat sites without registration significant relationship and iKinda jus want anyone to spend time with and date bu not marry in the near future or something like that. iWant to marry at some point,and also have a group of course, jus not ready[[:[BR]other things prefer to know, jus request.[BR]peace out.
I'm looking for a man aged between 20 to 47
[BR]Ayeee, I am Ashley [WINK] I'm most likely probably the most lower to earth, genuine, honest, caring, outgoing, ambhitious, confident, loveable women are you going to ever meet. I'm opinionated, I speak my thoughts. I'm simply unique, their isn't any one available much like me. I in addition have a great sense humor, I'm very playful. I online sex chat sites without registration use what bro and boo quite frequently, dont judge me [WINK] You most likely think I am sugar coating myself or just being just a little misleading. I've defects as everybody else does, don't try to alter me, simply take me like me [WINK] for my match i'd be searching for quailities for example maturity, kind, great spontaneity, ambhitious, outgoing, loyal ,etc. (and im searching for a significant relationship and when it is not your intentions too then please dont bother contacting me, please) I suppose you can say I'm quite active. More often than not I love to do something. However I also relish taking simple to use and watching a great flick on television [TONGUE] I live existence towards the maximum, fear doesn't stop me from doing something which I wish to do. I additionally enjoy doing items like online sex chat sites without registration climbing, zip-lines, rappeling, etc. I really like the adrenaline hurry [WINK] To ensure that is simply a little of muah the bottom line is, if you feel you are able to handle it, step-up. [WINK] [BR] [BR]