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Profiles of Arab Christian women with photos

  • Jade33

    "Looking for a match like coffee+cardamom"

    Beaverton (OR), USA Lebanese/Palestinian - Christian

  • Miriam37

    "Looking for love"

    Basel, Switzerland Kurdish - Christian (other)

  • Jennifer40

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Palestinian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Sara29

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Melbourne, Australia Egyptian - Christian (coptic)

  • Lucy67

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Lebanese - Christian (orthodox)

  • GidaNaser45


    Sacramento (CA), USA Palestinian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Saffy50

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Tagreed30

    "Looking for someone special"

    San Francisco (CA), USA Palestinian - Christian (orthodox)

  • marimar34

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Cairo, Egypt Egyptian/Sudanese - Christian (orthodox)

  • LotsaLaughs34

    "Christian Gentleman?"

    Tampa (FL), USA Syrian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Suma35

    "Because I'm worth it"

    Macomb (MI), USA Jordanian - Christian

  • Haneylou29

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Filipino - Christian

  • couri43

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Syrian - Christian (orthodox)

  • shabnamxxx38

    "i want to love and be loved"

    Tehran, Iran Iranian - Christian (protestant)

  • nermin44

    "Will you marry me?"

    Alpharetta (GA), USA Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Minoushkla59

    "Let's Continue Our Journey Together"

    Toronto (ON), Canada Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Majd36

    "Looking for love"

    Westlake (OH), USA Syrian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Ranaabdo35

    "Let's be awesome together"

    Zahle, Lebanon Lebanese - Christian (orthodox)

  • Janan35

    "Looking for someone special"

    Livonia (MI), USA Palestinian/Jordanian - Christian

  • Rora38

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Windsor (ON), Canada Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Farah49

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Amioun, Lebanon Lebanese - Christian (orthodox)

  • Dalia30

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    San Jose (CA), USA Jordanian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Denorazz44

    "Mint tea for two"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Amanda30

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Beirut, Lebanon Lebanese - Christian

  • Samriye32

    "Looking for love"

    Asmara, Eritrea Eritrean - Christian (protestant)

  • Emily43

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Santiago, Philippines Filipino - Christian (catholic)

  • Lena34

    "Looking for love"

    Jerusalem, Israel Palestinian - Christian (orthodox)

  • ramatu35

    "Hello i am looking for a long term"

    Accra, Ghana Australian - Christian (other)

  • sayesan47

    "looking for a relataionship lead into marriage"

    Phoenix (AZ), USA Jordanian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Alyssia43

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Jounieh, Lebanon Lebanese - Christian

  • angelaomar31

    "am here to meet with able men"

    Hamburg, Germany German - Christian (other)

  • naznaz37

    "Looking for a serious relationship"

    Jounieh, Lebanon Lebanese - Christian (catholic)

  • mary36

    "Someone who makes me laugh"

    Freehold (NJ), USA Egyptian - Christian (coptic)

  • Girl29

    "Lookin` for the ONE...!!"

    Hague, Netherlands Iraqi - Christian (catholic)

  • Inji34

    "Let's be friends first"

    Jersey City (NJ), USA Egyptian - Christian (coptic)

  • tammy53


    Bogotá, Colombia Lebanese - Christian (other)

  • egyptiansandy33

    "just seeing what's out there"

    Naples (FL), USA Egyptian - Christian (orthodox)

  • augustagod30

    "love is unconditional"

    Blackburn, UK Costa Rican - Christian (orthodox)

  • sandralove39

    "i am looking for a serious man"

    Rome, Italy Iraqi - Christian (orthodox)

  • palicalichick32

    "A man with dreams needs a women with vision"

    Anaheim (CA), USA Palestinian - Christian (catholic)

  • dalia50

    "arabic christian palestinian looking for her partner"

    Nazareth, Israel Israeli - Christian (catholic)

  • lina53

    "Let's be friends first"

    Charlotte (NC), USA Syrian - Christian (catholic)

  • lina47

    "I'm a Syrian lady.. And I make the best arabic food"

    San Bernardino (CA), USA Syrian - Christian (orthodox)

  • texsalesgirl36

    "i need a native love"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Aruban - Christian (other)

  • Maria37

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Guadalajara, Mexico Mexican - Christian (catholic)

  • nursepali40

    "Palestinian nurse ....looking for the right one. ..Inshallah!"

    Hamden (CT), USA Palestinian - Christian (catholic)

  • Aminata33

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Alexandria, Egypt Austrian - Christian

  • ann38

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Kingsport (TN), USA Cape Verdean - Christian

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