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Sex myths abound--and it's not just middle school boys who have their facts askew. Most sex myths are just that--not true--and they do have a way of making us feel bad because we can't live up to the hype. reporter Tracey Cox has recounted the top 10 sex myths. But even that is a misnomer, since two of them are actually true.

Sex Myth No. 1: Men want sex more than women do.

FALSE: Women want sex just as much as men, but women's more frequent lack of desire has to do with three factors that don't affect men:

A woman attaches more emotions to sex.

Sex Myth No 2: If you're a truly great lover, you should know how to please anyone.

FALSE: Really great sex has as much to do with perception, the brain and just being crazy about your partner as it does about technique.

Sex Myth No. 3: African-American men have bigger penises.

TRUE: African-American men's penises are not only bigger, but also thicker. The average size is 6.5 inches to 6.8 inches long, compared with an average length of 6 inches for Caucasian men and 4 inches to 5.5 inches for Asian men.

Sex Myth No. 4: Happy couples have good sex most of the time.

FALSE: They may be happy, but they also have real lives with all the physical and emotional demands that entails. Life gets in the way of raging, lusty sex every single night.

Sex Myth No. 5: If you have to plan sex and it isn't spontaneous, something's wrong.

FALSE: Spontaneous sex is more likely to happen in the early throes of a relationship; later on, those hormones that fuel the first sparks of desire disappear. While spontaneous sex is usually good sex, planning it--and that includes anticipating it and looking forward to it--can make for fabulous sex, too.

Sex Myth No. 6: Men are more promiscuous than women.

TRUE: While men are more promiscuous than women, it's by much less than the conventional wisdom would have it. In reality, it's all about opportunity. So while men may seek out more sex partners, an ugly guy is less likely to have more sex than a gorgeous woman.

Sex Myth No. 7: If my lover had an affair, he/she doesn't love me.

FALSE: Some people can cheat and still be in love with their partner.

Sex Myth No 8: Women don't like porn or dirty sex.

FALSE: Many women enjoy good erotica. Who says men are the only ones who have the imagination to conjure up lurid, graphic fantasies?

Sex Myth No. 9: Most women orgasm through intercourse.

FALSE: Only 30 percent of women orgasm through penetration alone. The rest need stimulation of the clitoris in order to climax.

Sex Myth No. 10: Men are always ready for and want sex.

FALSE: For grown men, other parts of their lives are equally important as sex. It's called real life. There is nothing like work, stress, pressure, bills and arguments to put a damper of wanting sex any time, any where.

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