Very strong dating sites feederism ULTRA hot! great

by Dr. Feeder

There are more of these sites than ever...a welcome trend! I think the fact that they often have differing philosophies about feedism and feedism websites is a good thing. The last thing we need is a monolithic approach to this stuff.

Dr. Feeder's Patreon Site. More feedist content...I have to recuse myself from passing judgement myself but: check it out! This site is just getting started--not really fair to compare it to the others yet. But they do have a unique feature: account verification. This should prevent the fake profiles that plague other sites and make it easier to ban trolls and oversharing penis photographers.

Feabie. Straight (mostly) version of Grommr. Great site! They're really doing everything right. No video or forums (yet) but everything that's there works really well. I especially like the near-live chat function, which eliminates the need to segue between messaging and chat. There's no public chat room, which I'm starting to see as a blessing.

And get this: I reported a problem. I only have a free account, but the very next morning, they emailed me back, saying it was a known bug they were fixing. And they gave me a workaround. Which worked.

Rundtersmukt ("Round is Beautiful"). In Danish, but google translate does a pretty good job! Basically a fat support/fat admiration blog, but there's some feedist stuff too.

Dimensions Magazine. For a long time this site was practically the only game in town. A bit moribund now, but there is still some activity and plenty of old stuff that is still nice, especially if it's new to you.

Fantasy Feeder was the 600-pound gorilla of feedist sites and still is a big part of the scene. But I think Feabie is going to surpass it if it hasn't already. FF has been great and built the feedist community almost from the ground, but updates have been few, far between, and buggy. On the plus side, they have added unlimited free chat. Not sure if that's in response to Feabie or not.

Ask Doctor Feeder. Advice for feedees and feeders. Back in the day it filled a unique niche. It's somewhat obsolete now but there's some fun and/or useful stuff and occasional updates.

Curvage. Focused on photos of curvy women, but there is quite a bit of gaining-related material as well. They do childishly block out mentions of other sites, but nobody's perfect.

Rubens Feeder's Extreme Feeding. Not the flashiest, but certainly lives up to its name, and the only bilingual site on here! Other sites too tame? Maybe this is for you.

Horngry. Site for a magazine for female feeders and male feedees. There are some articles of more general feedist interest as well. Very well done.

The Gaining Life Podcast. Interviews with gay male gainers and a feeder or two. I'm not gay myself, and didn't think I'd be interested, but there's a lot of stuff that applies generally to feedists. I found Fat Nat's discussion of Gainer House to be particularly interesting.

Grommr. Very sophisticated site, especially for dating. All men though!

ffambrosia. Another pretty sophisticated site. This one is focussed on male feedees and female feeders and FFAs. In beta. Russian feedist site--can't evaluate it because I don't speak Russian! But it does have some translations of some of my articles. Check it out if you speak Russian!