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Hi Sebastian,

Now let me get this straight. You’ve had a crush on Dalanie for a long time. Why in the world didn’t you come right out and ask for her phone number? To you Psych majors, when you have a crush on a girl, you’re supposed to ask for her phone number. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “What are you waiting for – some other guy to ask her out?” You say you’re getting eye contact from Dalanie and she’s sitting right in front of you in your college class, so why would you be procrastinating? All you’re doing here is killing valuable time, dude!

You obviously have my book, Sebastian, but if you’ve read it thoroughly and memorized it, you should know that when a girl shows interest in you, you go right ahead and ask for her phone number. Go back to “The System,” guy -- I say it no less than 50 times in those pages!

Another mistake was taking Dalanie’s number just to text back and forth over nothing. Remember, you’re getting her number to ASK HER OUT, and texting for no purpose or just to chat is a no-no, if you’ve been listening to my DOC LOVE CLUB RADIO SHOW. When Dalanie responded with her name and contact information, you should have called her immediately. Big mistake here, Sebastian.

Your friend is very perceptive and he’s right about what he saw happen between you and Dalanie. HOWEVER, until you get to 10 to 12 dates with a girl, you don’t count anything. You have to see high Interest Level for at least 10 dates before you can really know what’s what with a girl.

I see that you have the older edition of my book, Sebastian. There’s been a slight modification to “The System” in the latest, updated edition. The new rule is this: when you call for a date, if she doesn’t pick up you leave a message in which you say your name and phone number TWICE and SLOWLY. If the girl doesn’t call you back, you wait one week and you do the same thing again. If she doesn’t call you back then, you chuck her number.

What went wrong here? Well, Dalanie had initial Interest Level in you, but not enough to call you back. You tell me that you’re in college, which means that Dalanie is in the 18 to 22 age range. I talk about that in “The System” as well. It most likely means that she’s a ding-dong. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “At that age, they fall in and out of love every five minutes.” If she’s Beautiful to boot, your problems with her fickleness are compounded. When it comes to men this honey has the attention span of a fly.

It’s not because Dalanie can do without someone like you that she didn’t call you back, Sebastian. It’s that she’s not interested in you. WHEN A BABE IS INTERESTED IN YOU, SHE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL. When she’s not interested in you, she will not return your call. It’s that simple. This is very complicated stuff, buddy!

No, your friend did not overestimate Dalanie’s Interest Level – at least for what he witnessed at the time. But again, you must see NO RED FLAGS FOR AT LEAST 10 DATES before you jump to any conclusions about a girl. Then and only then can you allow yourself to believe that she has genuinely high interest. That’s the only time you can legitimately evaluate her Interest Level.

What should you do now? Call Dalanie up, leave her one more message, and if she doesn’t return your call, flush her number down the toilet. When you see her in class, smile at her, laugh, and act as if the entire thing never happened.

Remember, guys: if she can’t return a phone call, you don’t have a chance with her.