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These are photos of Idina Menzel at the iHeartRadio festival in Vegas over the weekend, where she was wearing her gorgeous “vintage-inspired” two carat diamond engagement ring and looking incredibly hot in a black jumpsuit. I also love her styling here, curly hair suits her. Indina, 45, announced her engagement on Friday to her boyfriend of over a year and a half, Aaron Lohr, 40. Aaron is also an actor and singer who has done film (Rent, which Idina was also in, in 2005) and works on the New York stage. He bought a home with Idina about a year ago in Encino, California so it looks like they’ve been serious for some time. Idina split with her first husband, Taye Diggs, in late 2013. She has one child with Taye, son Walker, seven. She first went public with Aaron at the White House Correspondents Dinner last year and now they’re engaged! Here’s her announcement on Twitter. She’s also promoting her fifth album, idina., which just came out last Friday, so that’s what she’s referring to here.

Oh that’s such a nice way to say it! Idina took a private plane to Vegas where she ran into her friend Lea Michele. Idina played Lea’s biological mom on Glee. Here’s a video Lea posted about running into Idina on the way over to the iHeartRadio festival. Lea is annoying, but this is the time to be that way, when you run into someone you truly like.

E! also has details on the ring, which sounds really expensive to me, but by celebrity standards it’s not.

As for the pretty penny boyfriend Aaron Lohr spent on the diamond, jewelry and style expert Lauren McCawley tells E! News the Brilliant Earth-designed ring is worth a staggering $30,000.

She adds, “Idina’s new engagement ring is on-trend with its vintage-inspired design featuring a 2-carat round diamond with tapered baguettes set in platinum.”

[From E!]

My engagement ring is a moissanite and it’s a carat and a half. If you want a decent-sized ring and are on a budget like me I recommend moissanite and I don’t think people can tell the difference. (I’m cheap about jewelry though.) So that’s why I was surprised to hear that a two carat ring costs $30k! I googled “price per carat flawless diamond,” and a carat can go up to around $29k if it’s a perfect diamond, so I guess this is well within that range. It’s a gorgeous ring, I really like the setting and look as it’s somewhat timeless. Congratulations to Idina and Aaron! I hope to see wedding pictures when they make it official.

Oh and Idina is doing a Reddit AMA over on r/music at 11am Tuesday!

photos credit: WENN, Pacific Coast News and Getty

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