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ALL Chatrocode tags MUST be closed off with a corresponding tag otherwise they will only print as regular text in the room. Each example below shows an opening and closing tag for reference.

The only exception is the Message Prefix box for members where Chatrocode tags may be left open in order to stylize the message text (such as coloring or decorating message text).

Preconfigured colors for text
Only these colors are preconfigured and will work as shown

[black] ... [/black]

Making text black

Text in black

[blue] ... [/blue]

Making text blue

Text in blue

[green] ... [/green]

Making text green

Text in green

[orange] ... [/orange]

Making text orange

Text in orange

[red] ... [/red]

Making text red

Text in red

[violet] ... [/violet]

Making text violet

Text in violet

[yellow] ... [/yellow]

Making text yellow

Text in yellow

[color #FF00BF] ... [/color]

Making text whatever HTML color code you want

Text in this color, hot pink I think


[red]Example text[/red]
[orange]Or this example[/orange]
[blue]Any color[/blue]

Example text
Or this example
Or this

All other font colors
NOTE: All other fonts must fashioned with an appropriate HTML color code
NOTE: DO NOT use color names like black/red/green with the [color] tag
NOTE: Always include the hashtag (#) with your HTML color code

[color #FF00BF] ... [/color]

Making text whatever HTML color code you want

Text in this color, hot pink I think


[color #00FF00]Example text[/color]
[color #ADADAD]Or this example[/color]
[color #12A3BC]Or this[/color]

Example text
Or this example
Any color

Using Fonts
NOTE: DO NOT use quotes around a font family name.
NOTE: There are no font sizes above 4 at present.

[fontfam Verdana] ... [/fontfam]

Same as using font face="Verdana"

Verdana just as you wish

[fontsize1] ... [/fontsize1]

Same as using font size="1"

font size="1"

[fontsize2] ... [/fontsize2]

Same as using font size="2"

font size="2"

[fontsize3] ... [/fontsize3]

Same as using font size="3"
(default font size)

font size="3"

[fontsize4] ... [/fontsize4]

Same as using font size="4"

font size="4"


[fontfam Helvetica]Example text[/fontfam]

[fontsize1] Font size is 1 [/fontsize1]

[fontsize2] Font size is 2 [/fontsize2]

Styling text

[i] ... [/i]

Text in italic

Itatlic example

[b] ... [/b]

Bolded text

Bold example


[i]This is italic while[/i]

[b]this is bold[/b]

Decorating text

[strike] ... [/strike]

A line through your text

A strikethrough example

[u] ... [/u]

Text with an underline

An underline example


[strike]With a line through[/strike]

[u]With an underline[/u]


[img align="value" title="value3"]URL without quotes[/img]

To display an image with the optional alt, title, or align attributes

Enhancements to posting images



[img align="left"][/img]

[img align="right"][/img]

[img title="Text"][/img]


[link text="value"]URL without quotes[/link]

To display hyperlink as text

A hyperlink as text, such as Chatropolis



[link text="value"][/link]

Other tags

[center] ... [/center]

Centering text within the chat window

Centered text much like in HTML


A line break
(DOES NOT require a closing tag)

A simple
line break
in case you need it


Horizontal line breaks
(DOES NOT require a closing tag)

If you need

a horizontal line


[center]Centered text[/center]
Text with[break]a line break
Text with[line]a line break