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Important Tips For White Men & Black Women Dating

By Gareth Director

If you are a white man and attracted to a black women but you are facing some problems in approaching them. You must know the fact that approaching black women is no different from approaching any other women. However, there may be some issues in interracial dating relationship which should be resolve by mutual understandings of both communities. These issues effect the way white men are dealing with interracial dating. One of the main reasons for white men to find difficulties in approaching black girls is due to stereotypes about black women. Unfortunately, theses stereotypes are published and distributed by mainstream media. The other reason is the fear factor. Both communities think that they will laugh to each other if they try to approach each other.

Eritrean woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both can sort out some issues by adopting few important tips which are mentioned below:
Social Stigma/Stereotypes: This is one of the most important issues that need to be sorted. Contrary to rap videos, VH1, rap music, BET and other newsworthy sources, black women are not gold digging, over sexed, man-eating hood rats. Nor black women believe that every white man they came across sits on his front porch wearing a Klansman robe whittling wood. For this, both communities have to acknowledge and understand stereotypes and sort out at the earliest otherwise dating/marrying each other would be difficult for them in the future.

Mutual Understandings: Rejection and approval both are an integral part in dating. There may be many factors and matters in which opinions will be different. In this scenario, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. You should not take it as person in any circumstances. You should resolve it by mutual understandings. If any black women say no to your proposal, you need not to be worried. There will be 5 other women to say yes. Getting rejection by a black woman is no different from being rejected by a white woman. Take it always easy.

Don’t be pressurized by Family & Friends: Pressure from family and friends are one of the most discouraging factors to white men dating black women. Many times, elder people don’t use to accept relationship between black guys and white girls. They even make unnecessary pressure to break-up these relationships. Being a mature person, you should discard these kinds of racial differences in this modern era where relationship should be based on the understandings and thoughts rather than cast or communities.

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