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Anything Goes Role Play with Temptress Eve


Anything Goes Role Play

Hey sexy, I’m your wicked temptress Eve, won’t you cum step into my wicked garden darling, for nothing is off limits! Sin to your heart’s content with me!


Just tell me what you want or who you need me to be and it will be my pleasure to make it happen. I am your fantasy cum true. Any Role Play you can imagine we can explore together. Do you need me to be your Mommy or your hot sister? Your mistress? Your dirty school teacher? The popular cheerleader? The neighborhood slut? Maybe the sweet innocent girl next door and you take her virginity? Any type of role play you want just ask, nothing is off limits. My mind and body is your playground, cum enjoy the fun.

Cum Slut

Where would you like to cum? I have a few ideas *wicked grin* In my wet pussy so our sweet juices mix together! Maybe it will make my belly grow? Do you want to cum in my tight ass and watch it drip out of me? I LOVE that! Another thing I love is sucking every drop of that hot cum out of your hard cock! So delicious! Maybe you would like to cum on my big round tits so you can watch me lick it off. Would you like that, I know I would! It has been a while since I had a facial maybe you can help me out with that and squirt your thick creamy juices all over my angelic face. Mmmmm… those are just a few naughty ways I’d like to get that hot seed I crave so immensely!

Mutual Masturbation

I hope you don’t mind that as we talk I have my vibrator sliding in and out of my hungry pussy. The thought of you getting harder to the sound of my voice and my words bringing you to the point of ejaculating gets me so wet. The hum of my vibrator is music to my ears and hopefully yours as well *wink*. I love my toys, I have so many to share with you! I really enjoy mutual masturbation, listening to the sound of your heavy breathing as your cock gets rock hard in your hand. The moans you make as you take that final stroke before you release your wicked seed for me. God that makes me so damn HOT!

Bi/Threesome Fantasy

Are you bi or bi-curious? No problem! I will bring out one of my many strap-ons’s. Let me see how you suck it, show me that you can take it all in, deep throat it for me. Get it nice and wet so I can bend you over the bed doggy-style and make you spread your ass as I start with the tip slowly inserting it, nice and easy, eventually going deeper and deeper until I am all the way in, pounding and smacking that ass. You will be left with my handprint on your satisfied ass. It is a proven fact that the g-spot is in the male ass. I know your curious and want to feel what its like to cum from g-spot stimulation. I haven’t disappointed a man yet! *wicked grin*

I do play well with others, so if you’re willing to share than so am I. Do you want your girlfriend or wife to watch us so she can see how a real woman pleases a man? She won’t be left out, I will also take care of her unless you are worried that she will cum harder for me than she does for you. Do you want to taste her cum with me? We can lick her pussy and ass together as she screams in ecstasy. Have you heard her scream another girls name before? It’s hot, trust me.

So are you ready to enter Eve’s wicked garden? It’s where all forbidden desires come to life, and no one is ever judged.

Call me, you deserve to experience a call like mine.

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