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Japanese Dating/Porn Games: Now In English!

Manga porn comes to your desktop

Posted by Staff is bringing Japanese Hentai dating-cum-porn sims to the English speaking world.

The online retailer has translated almost 60 titles, ranging from Casual Romance Club (�formed to offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere�) to Absolute Obedience (�a hardcore boy's love game for adults�).

The games have been around for a while now. Being primarily text-based, however, they weren't much use to English-language pervs making the most of the import market. They don't need a huge amount of explanation, but basically take you through various scenarios with hot Japanese ladies in crazy get-ups and then on to... other things.

The really good news, if you're one of the aforementioned English-speaking pervs, is that Play-Asia claims the games are �mostly without the censorship of the original Japanese release.�

The games all run on the PC, but something in the back of SPOnG's brain says �wouldn't this work well on the DS...�


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Joji12 Apr 2007 13:10
This is like Revenge of the Sith but with j-porn. All those j-porn games that never reached the wes, for all those years we've been gaming, are finally striking back at us. Lol. Hey Spong, is there a feature you guys can get your man in japan to try here?

Whatever floats your boat and all. I'm an anime fan, and to tell the truth, these games have been around in english for a while now. Play asia are just taking advantage that there's a demand out there in the english language world. Mo money for them, as porn always sells.

Why can't people buy normal porn games? Probably because there are next to none or they don't appeal, and with anime you can get away with a lot more because its not real folk.

Well, if PSP can get the real stuff on UMD (kerching... $$ Sony), why not fake stuff on PC?
Leo13 Apr 2007 15:40
"This is like Revenge of the Sith but with j-porn."

What do you mean by that? Do you mean: "This is like [awesome] but with [more awesomeness]"?

For some reason, these games are more appealing to me than regular porn. There's more of a fantasy element that having cartoons takes advantage of. Real people bring to mind real problems. You look at a hot woman and part of you thinks: "I bet she's high maintenance." You look at a cartoon lady and you think: "I wonder if purple is her natural hair color."
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marvin 13 Apr 2007 17:16
skitzo14 Apr 2007 01:52
Xander14 Apr 2007 12:07
See, this is where it helps to have a detached sense of reality from years of overly indulgent gaming habits. H-Games are no new thing for sure, and there have been a fair few that -were- translated, but this is pretty affordable for those that collect the stuff, and it's nice to see a movement into maybe getting more of it published and translated. Maybe people didn't think there'd be a market for it.
Urmom15 May 2007 21:27
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ziharo26 May 2007 11:21
giuseppe7 Jun 2007 21:59
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Jessica12 Jun 2007 01:09
Some porn links used to be here

[12 Jun 2007, 08:31: Message edited by 'tyrion']
Thanks for those, but we can all find porn on the Internet without your help.
theundertaker214 Jun 2007 14:32
dady3 Jul 2007 16:30
wesley10 Dec 2007 23:25
aaaa10 Dec 2008 02:09
john4 May 2009 21:03
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huda00717 Oct 2009 17:59
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